ULab - Privacy Notice


Privacy Policy and information stored about you

3.1 The ULab system will keep a record of information relating to and/ or posted by you on the website in the system databases. This information will only be used by ULab for administration purposes relating to running the ULab website and systems, but will never be supplied to third parties without first obtaining your consent. The only time we may do so without consent is if we are obliged by law to disclose such information.

3.2 ULab stores data you have entered in relation to your personal details such as names, email, and system preferences alongside your institution/ organisation and related laboratories and equipment. This information is used to identify you to the system and to enable you to use ULab and access material posted on the system that relates to you and your equipment & laboratories. 

3.3 If you use the system preferences to make your contact information and/or your lab/ equipment included in search results, then that data will be visible to anyone using the search tools, which are freely accessible to anyone on the internet.

3.4 In addition to data you enter, the system records page visits and data posts in the ULab web and database logs. This is done as part of the normal functioning of the web and database systems. These logs are retained: so that we can accumulate general usage statistics; to allow the backup "mirror" server(s) to be continually updated, so that a backup server is always available if required; to enable the tracking and recovery of any data input or deleted from the system including (but not limited to) bookings, equipment data, laboratory data, administrative changes to users, content, systems and settings.


Also see the full terms and conditions