ULab for Researchers

ULab makes it easier to get your research completed on time by simplifying access to your lab's equipment and expert operators.

  • control access to your equipment using comprehensive booking controls, preventing conflict allowing research to run smoothly
  • use qualified operators to restrict access and easiliy book time with local experts for the equipment you need
  • create booking groups to allow for simplification of sequential use of equipment
  • delegate booking management to free up time to get on with your research and reach project goals
  • know when equipment is free using the ULab equipment calendars


ULab for Lab Managers

ULab reports on your lab, equipment and researchers, providing operational insight with a single click.

  • manage maintenance scheduling, equipment paperwork and communicate down-time with users
  • promote your equipment and capabilities via the facility tools
  • increase your utilisation rate with improved capacity planning using the ULab reporting functions
  • improve lab safety by restricting booking to qualified users, incident reporting and easy access to manuals/ SOPs


complements on how ULab is running, we are making extensive use of it and it is making our lives so much easier, in fact we are getting so busy that I have had to extend the opening times for the fablab

Fablab manager


ULab for Head of Institute

ULab creates new research opportunities for your centre by making facilities and expertise searchable by potential collaborators.

  • promote your institute via the facility tools, enabling potential collaborators/ customers to search your expertise, laboratories and equipment
  • access overview reports on usage and capacity improving planning and resource allocation
  • imporove lab safety and incident reporting


We’re using ULab routinely now for coordinating all of our lab operations – it’s a real workhorse for us”

National Centre Manager


ULab for Companies

ULab makes it simple for your company to access research equipment and experts in the community by providing powerful search tools which help you find what you need.

  • ULab search allows you to find equipment and expertise local to you
  • Search results contain the contact details you need to get in touch with the owners/ manager of equipment direclty
  • use ULab to manage your own equipment and resources


ULab for Research Institution Management

ULab lets your research institution access valuable data on your labs and facilities by providing customisable reports for management and stakeholders with a single click.

  • generate equipment utilisation reports for key stakeholders
  • know what resources you have and avoid double purchase of expensive equipment
  • delegation of equipment management to your workforce freeing up your time
  • promote your facilities & expertise and monetise unused equiment resource


ULab for Funders

ULab lets research funders maximise the value from their infrastructure spend by ensuring that labs and equipment are used optimally and accessible to the wider research community.

  • Gain insight through accurate reporting into how your grant money has been utilised
  • inform decisions on allocation of equipment funding using geographic information







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