Semiconductor micro-fabrication

Suite of plasma deposition and etching tools for semiconductor processing:

-ICP and RIE etch tools
-PECVD dielectrics deposition
-Metal sputter and evaporation
-Paralyene deposition
-Oxygen plasma ashers
-Rapid thermal annealer

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Micro-assembly and systems integration

State-of-the-art micro-assembly tools for hybrid opto-electronic device and systems integration. Including:

-Custom Micro-transfer printing tool with nanoscale accuracy
-Finetech flip-chip bonder
-Wire-bonding toolset
-Clean assembly space for systems manufacturing

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Wet chemical processing

Full wet chemistry processing lab with:

-Four wetbench work stations
-Photoresist spinning
-Wet chemical etching and surface treatment

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Optical Lithography

UV photo-lithography systems:

-Karl Suss MA6 mask aligner
-Full range of resists and photo-sensitive polymers
-Fabrication of direct-write waveguide and micro-fluidic devices

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Metrology systems

Characterisation and measurement toolset including:

-Atomic Force Microscope
-Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
-Optical and stylus surface profileometers
-Electronic probe station
-Thin film interferometry

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Access to Cleanroom Facilities

Academic and industrial users can access the TIC cleanroom facilities via a hands-on or serviced basis.

Click here for a current access price list.

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