Shimadzu, Axima Performance

Social Distancing Instructions: Area instrument is housed is narrow so will be in less than 1M distances when people use accurate balance or preparation work for ICP-MS.

MALDI-ToF is a Mass Spectrometry technique for the analysis of molecules of high molecular mass above 2,000 Da such as peptide, proteins and antibodies. This method is a go to for samples struggling with ionisation via convention techniques such as electrospray ionisation as well as molecules that cannot dissolve in peek tubing compatible solvents.


Shimadzu Axima Performance MALDI-ToF


Ionisation: Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption ionisation with a class 3B Laser at 337nm

Mass Analyser: Time of Flight detecting masses up to 500kDa

Lab: TG217 Mass Spectrometry
Location: Thomas Graham Building
295 Cathedral Street, Glasgow
Owner: Jessica Bame
Contact: Jessica Bame

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