Mitutoyo CMM Crysta Apex C 121210


With micron resolution the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a very flexible measurement solution and is capable of measuring most geometries with excellent accuracy. This CMM is equipped with a Renishaw PH10MQ allowing for the attachment of touch trigger and scanning probes, this allows the CMM to capture freeform geometry using scanning and also conventional 3D coordinate measurement.

Interesting Fact: The glass encoders used to determining the position of the CMM are incrementally coded, this means the CMM only knows it’s position relative to a home position, this is the reason for having to home the CMM every time it has been switched off.


  • — Coordinate Measurement Machine for contact measurement capability
  • — Max workpiece height 1200mm
  • — Renishaw PH10T – motorised indexing head, repeatability 0.4μ (2σ)— Acceleration 0.23G — Measurement range 1205 x 1205 x 1005 mm — Max permissible error +/- (2.3+3L/1000) — Max. moving speed = 520mm/s (3D) — Max. measuring speed = 5mm/s

Lab: AFRC - Metrology capability
Location: AFRC
85 inchinnan drive
Owner: Anisa Butt

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