Dasgip Parallel Reactor System (Vessel5-8) (FER010)


The Eppendorf DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems allows advanced bioprocess control and automation in cell culture and microbiology. With the use of up to 8 reaction vessels (if all vessels are booked) the system allows parallel processing control of parameters, user-defined profiles and innumerable automation results in accelerated and efficient process development. The DASware software solutions support DoE, process historians and comprehensive data management.
DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems provides:
-Scalable bioreactors with working volumes of 200mL-3.8l
-Direct overhead drives ranging from 30rpm-1,600rpm
-Precise temperature control with DASGIP Bioblock or heating blankets / cooling fingers
-Variable speed pumps for continuous feeding down to 0.3ml/h and up to 5l/h

Lab: RapidBIO
Location: Robertson Wing
G4 0NR
Owner: Neil Renault
Contact: Neil Renault

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