Scanning Electron Microscope (W-SEM)

Hitachi, S3700-N

Analysis types: 

  • Morphological and topographical imaging
  • Surface fractography
  • Materials microstructure
  • Material composition by backscattered electron (BSE) imaging
  • Elemental analysis and mapping using energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS)
  • Variable pressure mode for non-conductive specimens – i.e. not possible carbon/gold coating
  • Non-destructive analysis on big components due to a large chamber (300mm x 110mm)
  • In-situ micro-mechanical uniaxial tests with a 2kN load cell and video capture
  • Environmental capability with the Cryostage and Quantomix cells, for analyses on beam sensitive materials or hydrated samples (e.g. biological materials, plants, food products, emulsions, concretes, suspensions, lubricants, etc.).

Lab: Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) - Characterisation Laboratory
Location: James Weir Building
G1 1XJ
Owner: Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL)
Contact: Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL)

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