Agilent/Markes, 8890 GCMS with TDX100R

Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography (TD-GCMS). This instrument is for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile oragnic compounds. Samples can be introduced as liquid, solid or gas through different means. The automated liquid sampler will inject a small volume fo the liquid samples, or the samples can be heated/evaporated in the TD-micro chamber thermal extractor and trap on the TD tubes for analysis. This chamber can also be used to heat solid samples to measure VOCs being released at different temperatures, again this is trapped on TD tubes for analysis. Gas samples can also be introduce via the TD tubes which can be used in passive sampling applications or samples air bags can be pumped through at a steady rate on to the TD tubes for analysis.

This system has a hard ionisation - electron ionisation which heavily fragments most molecules. The software include NIST library access for helping to characterise the compounds but also software for quantification.

Lab: Core Research Facility- Chemical Characterisation Facility- 5 West 2.32b
Location: University of Bath
Owner: Kathryn Proctor
Contact: Kathryn Proctor

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