Transmission Electron Microscope

FEI, Titan Themis

The Titan Themis 200 is a transmission and scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) designed to allow the structure of advanced materials to be imaged and analysed at sub-atomic resolutions.This microscope is equipped with an X-FEG Schottky field emission gun provides the high current, spatial and temporal coherence and brightness necessary for the achieving the best spectra and imaging conditions. The incorporation of a spherical aberration corrector allows STEM images with 80 pm resolution.The ultra-stable 5 axis piezo-stage and drift compensation gives the fine control and stability necessary for analysing samples at the highest resolutions.
The Titan Themis is equipped with a Super-X high sensitivity windowless EDX detector for rapid compositional analysis. The EDX spectrometer is complemented by a Gatan Enfinium EELS Detector, which improves analysis of light elements and allows additional information on bonding and oxidation states to be acquired.
Tomography software allows the automated capture of tilt-series of TEM images, STEM images and EDS maps from which three-dimensional reconstructions can be reproduced.


TEM point resolution: 0.240 nm
STEM resolution: 0.080 nm
High Tension Range: 80 kV, 200 kV
Five axis piezo stage
Tilt range: ±40° (±75° tomography holder)
Super-X windowless EDX detector
Gatan Enfinium EELs detector
16 mega-pixel CMOS camera

 More information is available on the St Andrews Electron Microscope Facility website.

Lab: St Andrews Electron Microscopy Facility
Location: School of Chemistry
KY16 9ST
Owner: Ross Blackley
Contact: David Miller

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