X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT)

Nikon Metrology, XTH 225 LC

Non-destructive, high-resolution (1.5μm) 3D images of any material based on density contrasts.

Measured Properties

  • Porosity and permeability characterisation
  • Deformation in a solid medium
  • Phase characterisation and in-situ feature measurement

The system is fitted with a Deben CT 10kN cell for specimen imaging in real time under controllable environmental conditions of temperature, pressure and in a liquid or dry environment. 

Typical applications

  • Enhanced oil recovery                
  • Induced fracturing
  • Cement design for encapsulation of contaminated waste
  • Bio-materials or sintered metal powders     
  • Development of micro components

Lab: Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) - Characterisation Laboratory
Location: James Weir Building
G1 1XJ
Owner: Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL)
Contact: Alice Macente

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