Shimadazu, QP2010S

This GC-MS is "Open Access System"  for all the Glasgow University Chemistry departmental staff and students. 

All the users who wish to get their work done on this equpment needs to get first training on  "How to use GC-MS (Shimadzu) syetsm" which includes the contents

System over view,

Start-up, controls,

Getting ready for Analysis,

Setting up Method parameters,

Sequence table creation,

Finishing analysis,

Data retrival,

Manipulation and

Data export".

Once the person gets enough confidance to run the system on their own then I will leave to him/her to get his work done when ever he wishes to. All he/she needs is to "book the system" in adavnce. Without booking you may able to use it but at times you may find somebody using it, you may need to wait until he/she finishes which may be a frustrating and waste of time. I advice all those who wish to use the system for thier work to book in advance without any hassels.

For any technical difficulties and troubles don't try to repair and resolve yourself. It is strongly advised to get in touch  with me for resolving the technical issues promptly with a minimal dissruption.

This instrument can also be used for commericial testing purposes with external collaborators and customers on the cost basis and all those who wish to get thier sample analysis done please be in touch with me. I will guide you the necessary steps to get your samples analysed.

Lab: Research Analysis Suite, B2-25
Location: University of Glasgow

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