Agilent, 1290 UPLC

About this technique

Ultra-high Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) is a method of separating compounds in a mixture through a packed column. UPLC uses higher pressures and smaller i.d. tubing than HPLC to provide enhanced separation with shorter acquisition times. As compounds elute they can be passed through a detector that can provide more information about the compound.

This instrument has two detectors;

  1. A Diode Array Detector (DAD) which scans across a range of wavelengths to measure the absorbance of the compounds as they elute from the column. Up to five wavelengths can be selected for automatic reporting, while a range between 190 – 640 nm can be stored for further information.
  2. A mass spectrometer (MS) can be connected for LC-MS analyses, measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of compounds eluting from the column, in positive and/or negative polarity.


About this instrument

The Agilent 1290 Infinity Quaternary LC System provides highest accuracy and precision combined with the flexibility of a quaternary system. The 1290 power range and the Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET) give you the possibility to develop run high-end UHPLC methods and still run your established legacy HPLC methods on the same system. The BlendAssist feature in the software offers a comfortable, precise and accurate way of buffer/additive blending, saving time and money in your daily lab routine. Equipped with the 1290 Infinity Diode Array Detector and the next-generation 1290 Infinity Autosampler, you will achieve highest sensitivity at lowest carry-over and highest precision.


Serial numbers:

1290 Quat pump DEBAN01570

1290 Thermostat DEBAK23747

1290 Sampler DEBAP07098

1290 TCC DEBAC00457

1260 DAD DEAA310135

1290 ELSD GB12170022

G6150B 6150 Quadrupole LC/MS SG16046101

G1958B 6150 MS Jet Stream SG18489015



Lab: CMAC - TIC - Analytical Lab - TC805
Location: TIC
University of Strathclyde
Owner: Thomas McGlone
Contact: Alice Turner

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