Agilent Technologies, 7890B GC, 5977A MSD

To quantitate volatile organic contaminants in environmental samples, analysts require sensitive and reliable systems. Based on the 7890 Gas Chromatograph and 5977A Series Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, the GC/MS Volatiles Analyzer uses headspace sampling and a split/splitless inlet to maximize sensitivity. Capillary Flow Technologybackflush shortens analysis time and reduces maintenance. Preset methodology and Deconvolution Reporting Software facilitates identification and quantification of VOCs. The system undergoes a thorough chemical checkout to verify chromatography prior to delivery. At installation the engineer verifies chromatographic performance allowing your team to focus on real world sample analysis - not method development.


Serial numbers:

7693 ALS CN14390053

7697A Headspace sampler CN14470007

7890B GC CN14413136

5977A MSD US1447L421

Hydrogen generator in plant room: HC15-05-320

Lab: CMAC - TIC - Analytical Lab - TC805
Location: TIC
University of Strathclyde
Owner: Thomas McGlone
Contact: Bilal Ahmed

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