Zinsser, Crissy GGXXL


Polymorphism has become a concern in today’s pharmaceutical research laboratories as it affects a number of issues in pharmaceutical systems varying from processing characteristics to bioavailability. During the pre-formulation stage of drug development, polymorph screening is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Zinsser Analytic has developed CRISSY, an automated liquid and powder handling platform for salt pre-screening and polymorph screening studies. This platform automates the necessary steps for extensive crystallization using different solvents, temperatures, concentrations, agitation and pH-measurement. A special CRISSY® reactor block has been designed to directly present the crystals to the XRPD system without any additional sampling steps. The surface of the reactor base is ideal for XRPD-detection. Cross contamination caused by electrostatic force from moving the powders is minimized as the detector block itself is grounded and the individual reactor cavities are separated from each other in the “up” position.

Lab: CMAC - TIC - Pharmaceutical Materials Lab - TC617
Location: TIC
University of Strathclyde
Owner: Thomas McGlone
Contact: Monika Warzecha

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