Crystalline 01

Technobis, SE

With a footprint of only 310 x 420 mm, the Crystalline® SE will fit onto any workbench. A single Crystalline® will hold up to 8 standard disposable glass vials (16,6 mm diameter, flat bottomed, 8 mL volume). Each reactor can be independently loaded, programmed and operated. Magnetic flux rotation with programmable stir speeds allows for both overhead stirring and mixing using magnetic stirrer bars. 

The modular design of the Crystalline® allows for customization according to your individual needs and budget. You can combine turbidity information with a parallel particle viewer or with real time Raman capabilities. All of these techniques are integrated into a small reactor with overhead stirring and refluxing capabilities.

Lab: CMAC - TIC - Main Lab - TC814
Location: TIC
University of Strathclyde
Owner: Thomas McGlone
Contact: Stephanie Urwin

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